Terms and conditions of use

Modification of orders

Your order can be modified, provided we have not started preparing it. That is, only when you are in the "Purchase made" status. This is because changes in our logistics supply chain could also affect the operation of the preparation of orders in progress.

The client will have at all times the right of withdrawal within the legal term authorized for it.

Coupons and discount codes

The coupons / discount codes are valid for the purchase of the items or families indicated in the coupon / code. The discount voucher is for single use, an exception to the federation vouchers. Coupons not cumulative. It can not be exchanged for the purchase of ACSport gift cards.

How long can it take me to have a solution?

We work with a lot of constancy to solve the problem. If we can solve the problem ourselves, we will do it immediately. However, in most cases the manufacturer / supplier obliges us to return the item for a complete examination, before the repair or replacement can be carried out.

Please, be pacient; Our goal is to obtain a quick and satisfactory solution in each case.